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As a travel agent, I try to make sure  that I experience the things that my clients experience.  Recently, Disney World has introduced Fastpass+ as a new way to enhance the guest experience while at Disney World.  At this time, it is  still a work in progress.

We were there in January for an early phase of testing which was very limited.  It allowed you to make 3 selections upon arrival at the park for your entire day.  No more were allowed.    Our passes were used by 11:00  and that was the end of the FastPasses for the day.

They have expanded the program to all 4 Disney World parks and have increased the limits on the rides.  You can make your selections 60 day in advance if you are staying at a WDW Resort and up to 30 days in advance for other guests.  They allow you to select three experiences to begin your day.  You may select additional experiences one at a time after you have used your first three FastPasses.

You may select from parade and fireworks viewing areas, character  meet and greets, rides and shows and even some dining reservations.  It allows you to plan your day a little bit better.  

The system is a work in progress.  Anytime you make major changes at one of the largest tourist attractions in the world there are bound to be problems.  This is still the case.  While it is indeed an inconvenience to have problems with your passes, it is not the end of the world.


When you use the My Disney Experience online application to make your selections, take a screenshot of your reservations.  While Disney cannot  guarantee the ability to replace potentially lost reservations, it is one way that you can attempt to prove that you had the reservation originally.  


It is a computer system.  Things happen.   Don’t take it out on the Cast Member.  Go to Guest Services.  They are the people who can help you out.  On a recent trip of ours, we made 5 different  trips to Guest Services during our first 3 days.  Was it inconvenient, yes.  Did we let it ruin our trip, no.  We eventually got to ride everything that we were supposed to ride and learned a lot about FastPass+.

A family that we shared an Illuminations cruise with had 10 days of Fastpasses wiped out and were only able to have 2 days of their reservations restored.  It changed their trip, but they were still in Disney and having fun.  Don’t let it ruin your  vacation.

In short, I see potential for the new system to allow more people to prepare for and enjoy their vacations.  The system still has glitches, but it is light years better than when it was rolled out for testing.  If you are looking forward to making reservations for your own vacation, email me  

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