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Watch “Helpful Norwegian Phrases for you Disney Cruise” on YouTube

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Here’s an awesome opportunity for a great summer vacation.   All the touches of Disney and the beauty of Norway.  

Helpful Norwegian Phrases for you Disney Cruise:

Watch “Disney Cruise Line 2015 Itineraries” on YouTube

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Disney Cruise Line 2015 Itineraries:

Planning your 2015 adventure?  Consider a journey aboard a Disney Cruise Lines ship.   Let me see if it can work for you.

Watch “New Itineraries for Summer 2015 | Disney Cruise L…” on YouTube

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New Itineraries for Summer 2015 | Disney Cruise L…:


We’re thrilled to share exciting news with you! In summer 2015, Disney Cruise Line is charting a magical new course for northern Europe – exploring for the first time the Norwegian fjordsIceland and the Faroe Islands. We’re also returning to great destinations like the Mediterranean, Alaska, and tropical paradises in The Bahamas and Caribbean!

Discover majestic fjords, steaming geysers and scenic mountains of Norway. Indulge in fun-filled adventures like hiking, glacier walking, fishing and cycling. Uncover the natural wonders of Iceland and the amazing Faroe Islands – steeped in Viking history. Whether sailing the Baltic waters or the Mediterranean Sea, these voyages are sure to be filled with discovery, culture and magic.

Experience breathtaking vistas, an abundance of wildlife plus the rich history of Alaska’s native culture. Combine the natural wonder and adventurous spirit with an unparalleled, family-friendly experience.

The Bahamas and Caribbean
Chart a course for adventure with all the pleasures of the tropics – from sunbathing and snorkeling to historic sightseeing! Find yourself lounging on a warm golden beach, exploring worlds beneath turquoise waters or strolling exotic marketplaces

Let me help you plan your adventure.

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