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Watch “Downtown Disney Hyperlapse | Walt Disney World Resort” on YouTube

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As Downtown Disney transforms into Disney Springs, take a look at what is going on.  


Harambe Market is now open!

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Harambe Market, a bustling marketplace alive with the aromas and flavors of African street foods, adds an exciting new dimension to the expanded Harambe Village experience atDisney’s Animal Kingdom®Theme Park in Walt Disney World® Resort.

Built around a Colonial-era train depot design complete with a 1960s water tower, Harambe Market invites your Clients to sample true flavors of Africa before or after they embark onKilimanjaro Safaris®. The following four themed shops offer fresh meals, snacks and beverages like those found in an African street market:

Kitamu Grill featuring skewered chicken and kebab flatbread sandwich.Famous Sausagesshowcasing a corndog made with a South African boerewors sausage dipped in curry-infused corn batter.Chef Mwanga’s spice-rubbed Karubi Rib paired with green papaya-carrot slaw.Wanjohi Refreshmentsquenches thirsts with craft draft beers, South African wines by the glass, sangria, frozen drinks, non-alcoholic tangerine lemonade and fountain beverages. 

Harmabe Market offers shaded tables for dining, and area shops sell wares from Africa

Help me if you can

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The travel agency that I work with has applied for a grant to improve technology and better serve our customers needs. If you have the opportunity, please stop by and give us a vote.


Watch “Helpful Norwegian Phrases for you Disney Cruise” on YouTube

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Here’s an awesome opportunity for a great summer vacation.   All the touches of Disney and the beauty of Norway.  

Helpful Norwegian Phrases for you Disney Cruise:

Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts | Walt Disney…” on YouTube

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Here’s a great way to relax and enjoy your Disney World vacation.

Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts | Walt Disney…:

Five reasons to book a Destinations by Disney vacation

Take a peek at this and call me to set your vacation plans in motion.

Please Remember, Disney Travel Agents Don’t Work For Free – How We Get Paid

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This article is not written by me,  but I felt it was well written and to the point.   The link to the article in it’s entirely is at the end of my post. It

July 9, 2014 by Disney TA Leave a Comment

Disney Travel Agents Disney DollarsThe life of a Disney Travel Agent isn’t something that is all happiness and magic and wishes and everything like that. Yes, all of those things are a huge part of our jobs and the reasons we love the jobs we do so much. What people need to realize though, is the end of the previous statement…that this is…our…job!

Yes, this is what we do for a living, and we don’t work for Disney but we work through Disney.

When you’re looking for a great Disney Travel Agent, you will see that just about all of them state their services are free. In a sense, that is 100% true. A number of them offer up their services to their clients without charging them anything extra whatsoever.

But…that is if you book a Disney Vacation Package through them. That includes at least room and tickets, but also many times, including dining.

Once you do that, your Disney Travel Agent (a good one) will take care of your every need and you won’t have to shell out any extra money. All you’ll spend is what you are paying for your Walt Disney World Resort room, your tickets, your dining, and anything added on, such as a Memory Maker.

Now, how do we Disney Travel Agents get paid? Well, Disney pays us directly. When you have your Disney Vacation Package or Disney Cruise Line sailing booked, Disney pays a commission to your travel planner.

See now what I meant earlier by saying we don’t work for Disney but we work through Disney?

Disney Travel Agents will do free quotes for you, free booking, free dining reservations, free FASTPass+ reservations, itineraries, and so much more for you…but you’ve got to book that Disney Vacation Package for us to get paid.

The only time a Disney Travel Agent may actually charge you a fee is if you already have a trip booked or are have reservations through a group or work or something like that, and you ask us for planning help. Each agent may have their own set fee for helping with dining or FASTPasses or plans.

Many hours go into what we do. That includes:

    Putting together plans and itineraries
    Setting alarms to get up early in the morning to do your dining at the 180-day mark
    Setting alarms to stay up late in the evening to do your FASTPasses at the 60-day mark
    Calling in payments
    Checking park hours
    Organizing wait times
    Constantly checking the Disney Dining website for availability for those hard-to-get reservations

Here are some of the worst things you could possibly do to a Disney Travel Agent

1.) If you ask a Disney Travel Agent for a quote and then another quote and then another quote and yet another quote…please, don’t go ahead and book the trip yourself. That’s just a complete and total slap in our faces. We spend a lot of time quoting all the things you specifically request, finding you the best prices, tweaking things to save you money, and writing all the information up to send to you, and we don’t mind. It’s our job. But don’t just take all of our hard work and make it for nothing.

2.) Don’t continuously ask us questions about how to get tickets or how to book a room. That’s what we are here for. We love to answer any and all questions about Disney, but we like to do it for our clients, most of all.

3.) If we’ve quoted you before and you ended up booking your own Disney trip, please don’t e-mail or call us to ask for advice or information while you’re in the Disney Parks. That’s really incredibly rude and rather insulting.

Look…we love our jobs. We love to put together magical Disney trips for anyone and everyone. We don’t take away the fun of planning a Disney trip from you; we simply make it easier. Everything you request as far as dining, days in the parks, FASTPass+ selections, and more will be the full basis for how your trip is set up and organized.

What we do is simply take the stress and grunt work out

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